India's Minister of External Affairs Mrs. Sushma Swaraj delivered a firm, balanced and compelling speech at the UNGA, New York on September 26th 2016. She exposed Pakistan's hypocrisy at the domestic front in Balochistan and at the global front in India and beyond; announced India's plans for the fight against climate change and strongly stated that nations sponsoring terrorism have no right to be part of the international community! 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's expression of solidarity with the people of Balochistan on Indian Independence Day catapulted the issue to the international arena. Now, the European Union 'may impose economic and political sanctions on Islamabad, if the Asian nation fails to stop human rights violation in the region.'
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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Full Speech on Baluchistan from the Red Fort on Indian Independence Day 15th August 2016.

On the occasion of Rakhasha Bandhan, the Chair of the Baloch Students Organisation Ms Karima Baloch sent this message to India's prime minister on behalf of the sisters of Balochistan who have lost their brothers.

Baloch Activist Hammal Haider Baloch said, "This is the first time ever that an Indian PM has expressed his wish to support Baloch people, and this is a very crucial decision taken by Indian government."
The PM also showed gratitude to the people of Balochistan, Gilgit and PoK for their gesture of thanking him. “The way these people have showed respect for me, they have showed this respect for 1.25 billion Indians,” PM said.

On March 27th 1948, Pakistan Annexed Balochistan; since then March 27th is forever known as a "Black Day" in Baloch history. On this day March 27th 2016 a small group of patriotic Baloch Activists in South Korea held protests and embarked upon a #WalkForFreedom Long March from Busan to the UN office in Seoul South Korea; to protest against Pakistan's severe human rights abuses and unlawful occupation of Balochistan.

The Baloch Republican Party stages a protest demonstration at the United Nations office in Geneva during UNHRC's 32nd session against Pakistan's atrocities in Balochistan. A large number of Baloch political activists participated in the protest. Where they chanted slogans against Baloch genocide by the hands of Pakistan and so-called CPEC.

Canada, Aug 02 : The Baloch National Movement (BNM) held a protest in Toronto, Canada, on July 31 against the enforced disappearance of Abdul Wahid Baloch, a well-known literary activist and human rights campaigner, at the hands of Pakistani security agencies. Holding placards and banners, the protesters demanded immediate and safe release of Wahid from illegal custody. They also raised demands of 'free Balochistan' from Pakistan's illegal occupation during their protest. The BNM appealed for urgent intervention by the United Nations and international bodies to stop the crimes against humanity in Balochistan by the state armed forces. Meanwhile, BSO (Azad) president Karima Baloch strongly condemned Wahid's abduction and appealed to the world human rights organizations to save the social activist's live. The whereabouts of Wahid, a resident of Lyari in Pakistan, are still unknown after he went missing on July 26. His family alleges that he was picked up by the law enforcement agencies. In a recent report submitted to the National Human Rights Commission, Pakistan, the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) narrated that thousands of Baloch people have been abducted and many of them have been killed extra judicially in custody by the Pakistani state security forces, adding their mutilated bodies have been found dumped in different areas across Balochistan. The VBMP in its report said that over 463 people were forcefully abducted while 157 mutilated bodies were found from Balochistan in 2015. Wahid Baloch is the latest victim of these atrocities in Pakistan.

A passing reference to the plight of Balochistan's people in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Independence Day address has rattled India's neighbour and garnered a sea of responses from within and outside the two countries. A Baloch activist, Karima Baloch has sent the Prime Minister a Raksha Bandhan message, urging "Brother Modi" to be the "voice of the Baloch people".

Baloch pro-freedom activists in UK announced plans to hold a peaceful protest outside the BBC World Service building on 21 November to raise awareness about Pakistani security forces attacks on Baloch civilians and abduction of Baloch women and children. The Pakistani military, they claimed, have abducted and killed thousands of innocent Baloch, including women and children since occupying the sovereign state of Baloch in 1948. The occupying state continues with its unabated atrocities even today. Over the years, Pakistani forces have attacked several civilians in different areas of Balochistan. Two weeks ago, Pakistan's paramilitary forces and military abducted around 28 women and their children in Bolan district of Balochistan. The whereabouts of these women and children remain unknown after 11 days of their abduction by Pakistani forces.

The Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) long march reached German capital Berlin on 4th August evening and held a protest demonstration outside the German parliament on 5th August . The Baloch activists’ long march kicked off from Germany’s Dusseldorf city on 16 July, 2016 after the pro-freedom Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri had announced an international awareness campaign on 9 July, from the platform of Free Balochistan Movement. Nearly a dozen pro-liberation Baloch activists took part in the long march and walked for 20 Days to reach Berlin. The marchers held protest demonstrations and distributed leaflets in different German cities on their way. It is the first ever long march in Europe that Baloch activists have organised and the response of people has been very supportive and appreciative. People in Balochistan have also showed their support to the long march by wall chalking in support of Free Balochistan Movement.

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